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You Can’t Rush Nature

Healing takes time. Be patient with your healing process. Nothing in the human body heals in less than three months and after that, add one month for every year you have been sick. Although as you undertake a healing program, you may notice changes right away, and then you may plateau for a time before more changes toward healing occur. According to the tenets of “Herings Law of Cure,” all cure starts from within out, from the head down and in reverse order as the symptoms have appeared or been suppressed. It goes on to teach that we don’t “catch diseases, we create them by breaking down the natural defenses according to the way we eat, drink, think and live.”

Take responsibility for your own health. Decide to take care of what God has given you. Get in tune with your own body. You can make decisions about your own health.

Now it’s time to clean house.


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Make Peace With Nature

Are you always wrestling with your conscience knowing that what you’re eating or drinking, doing or not doing is bringing your health down? Nature is trying to talk to you but you argue back with excuses or promises to start tomorrow to live better. And this may go on for a long time, but why not now? Why not listen to your better self and make peace with nature. Where to start? Start with a walk outside if you can, and get some fresh air and deep breathing. Fill yourself with the vital force of oxygen and look at something pleasant. These kind of activities can refresh your mind and body. Take a new resolve and keep going forward one step at a time. You can lose weight, you can regain your health, you can overcome depression.

First step. Breathe deeply. While walking, be conscious of your body moving and notice every beautiful thing along the way. No headphones. No cell phones. Just you and your own conscious state. Speak your appreciation of everything beautiful that you see, even in a whisper. And breathe deeply. This is good energy for body and soul. You are made for this and peace will come into you. You’re already on your way.

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Programmed to Heal

Your body is designed to heal itself. Your very DNA is programmed to keep sustaining life even in the face of many obstacles. The human body is made up of about 100 trillion living cells! That’s a mini-universe and truly a marvel. Every part of our body is made up of these cells which are like miniature generators. They require fuel and oxygen to generate the electrical energy needed to power the body. If the fuel is bad and the oxygen constricted, the energy level will be greatly decreased as well as the ability of the cells to work on healing. The will of your body is to heal. Make it also the will of your mind.

There are certain natural laws in place that must be obeyed or healing will always elude us. The modern world has created a very artificial environment for us and there are so many voices and noise, it is difficult for us to tune in to nature and that includes the ability to hear our own bodies. But, be encouraged, we humans are very adaptable and able to change. You can change. Old habits can be changed. You “are fearfully and wonderfully made,” the psalmist states. Learn the natural laws and your body and mind can be healed.

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